A.J. Allmendinger Interviewed by Amanda Ebersole of Skirts & Skuffs

A.J. Allmendinger from Los Gatos, CA, driver of the famous No. 43 car.

There are a lot of racing fans with blogs and websites on the internet, but there are none more talented and organized than the women of Skirts & Skuffs. They are a group of at least 22 women who follow racing and share their opinions and experiences with their readers. Skirts & Skuffs was founded in October of 2009 by Katy Lindamood, who is now the site administrator. From their website: “the site is a joint effort between each and everyone of our contributors.” One of their most passionate writers is Associate Editor, Amanda Ebersole, who I follow on Twitter. She had a chance to talk to NorCal driver A.J. Allmendinger on Friday in Loudon, New Hampshire. Here is an excerpt from that interview as well as a link to the complete article:

A.J. Allmendinger: “I just want to win”
Posted by Amanda Ebersole on 7/15/2011 02:05:00 PM

I chatted with A.J. this morning prior to him heading out for morning practice at Loudon, where he ended up fourth fastest, and asked him a few questions to get to know him better.

Amanda Ebersole (AE): You have been racing for such a long time in many different series (kart, Champ car, Truck, Nationwide and now Cup). What is your motivation?
A.J. Allmendinger (AJA): For me it is really down to a couple of things. I always want to go out there and try to win, that is always my goal. I am very competitive in everything I do. I love going out there and trying to be at my best and win. It’s fun to take on new challenges and to go out there and be the best at it, be the best that I can possibly be. Those are always the motivating factors, to go out there, wake up every day and keep doing it. I switched series and go out there, got to learn how to do that series and go onto that.
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