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To join online please visit our secure Memberships and Subcriptions Page. 

We offer three membership levels and the chance to become a Lifetime member of the American Car Culture Association for those that would like to be even more generous. Each level will receive the following benefits with different Car Culture Gear depending on the tier they choose.

The first tier is $60 a year with the benefits listed below.

The second tier gets to choose between a Red Kap work shirt or a Hoodie for $120 per year.

The third tier gets an embroidered American Car Culture Association Jacket for $240 per year.

The Lifetime membership comes with Car Culture Gear from all three levels as well a yearly t-shirt and member benefits for life for a $500 contribution.

There are monthly payment options available too.

For all of you that are existing subscribers, and would like to support us by joining the ACCA, please enter the word “Subscriber” in the coupon code during Checkout and it will deduct $30 from the cost of your membership and it will start your new subscription from that new date for another whole year plus you get the new t-shirt or hat.

To join by mail, just send us your name, address, email address, your t-shirt size with your check for $60 to:

American Car Culture Association
6008 Auburn Blvd.
Citrus Heights, CA 95621

Or you can call Tim at 916-308-6730 for payments over the phone.

Membership Benefits: 
  • Free Subscription to Car Culture Newsletters
  • Free 2024 American Car Culture T-Shirt or Car Culture Hat
  • Free American Car Culture Association Decal
  • Discounts and Coupons to a variety of Automotive Vendors and Businesses
  • Quarterly Subscription to a Draggin Main Magazine
  • Free Membership to
To join online please visit our secure Memberships and Subcriptions Page. 
Our Mission is to preserve and promote American Car Culture across the country by:
  1. Keeping you up to date on Car Shows, Swap Meets, Races and Motorcycle Events by maintaining Car Culture websites and publishing email newsletters in each state.
  2. Helping promote auto shop programs in schools and offering scholarships to automotive students.
  3. Encouraging and appreciating fine craftsmanship by giving out awards at every event we attend.
  4. Preserving hot rod and racing history by creating a Car Culture Museum, Hall of Fame and publishing histories.



Please call us with any questions you may have at 916-308-6730 or you can email us at:

Join the American Car Culture Association Today!