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  1. Hi !! I’m trying to locate Don Long, I saw him on a Car Show. He is a Car-Collector…… I have a Beautiful Car For Sale, that I have received many Awards. I have a 1934 Dodge-Brothers Classic, Lots of Chrome…..My Phone # 651-773-6545

  2. just a quick note, we are bk classic auto glass and have in our warehouse just found quite a few MGA convertible 1956-1962 windshields which might help some of the members? We also have found a few MK Midgit Roadster windshields 1961-1964, and the MKII 1500 Roadster 1974-1979, we even have a few fastback MK2,MG B 166-1974 PLUS GASKET MOLDING! Anyhow if you can use anything please e mail us at bkclassicag@gmail.com

  3. I don’t know what to do. I have a large collection of matchbox cars and Hot wheels my late husband had been collecting from 1967 to 1991. I have several hundred. I also have bigger cars I don’t know what they are worth I need someone to look at them for me. Or advise me what I should do. I need to part with them, my children are not interested in them.

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