The 10th Annual Lewiston California Car Show

Like many of you, I didn’t know there was a Lewiston, California. But, if you go 26 miles miles west of Redding on Highway 299 and then north 4 miles on Trinity Dam Blvd, there it is. It’s not too far from Weaverville. I took Hwy 299 from Eureka to Redding once about 20 years ago in a truck, and after that, I decided to stay in the valley. It is one long and winding road.

For the last 19 years they have held an Old Lewiston Peddler’s Faire in the historic downtown area and for the last 10 years they added a car show. Most of the races and car shows last weekend in Northern California were postponed due to the weather conditions but not the dedicated car guys in Lewiston. They held their show and got a little wet but according to Jim Matthews from the Shasta Classics Car Club in Redding, they had a great time. He was even kind enough to share some pictures of the award winners with their cars.

What a beautiful setting for a Car Show!
Darlene Ray with her award winning 1966 Mustang.
John Wolf, president of the Shasta Classics Car Club with his 70 Chevelle SS
Lee Gitchel with his cool and clean 1950 Chevy pickup.
Jim Matthews with his beautiful 39 Chevy Coupe
Here is the proof of the soggy and wet conditions.

For more information on the Lewiston Car Show please visit:

Again, our thanks to Jim Matthews, “Web Guy” for the Shasta Classics. Check out his nice work at

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    1. Hi John, Is there a website with a registration form or some contact information we could share? Do you still have that nice Chevelle?

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