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  1. Kyle Petty spends about 10 minutes commentating on what a “poor pusher” the #42 car was, you know, Montoya, the guy who won Indianapolis, the Cart Championship, Monaco and Long Beach, the 24-Hour Rolex twice, and oh yes, Sonoma (Infineon). Anyhow, somehow the #42 car of Montoya’s, the “poor pusher”, according to Kyle Petty, was able to push the #1 car of McMurray’s from 34th position off-and-on to the 9th position and with a half a lap to go, Jr. got into the #1 car which spun and slammed right into the front fender wheel of the #42 car, spinning it sideways but somehow this guy who doesn’t know how to drive, according to “Ponytail”, straightened the car out which was literally destroyed, slid it up sideways against the wall, stood on it and brought it home to finish in the 9th position!

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