NorCal Car Culture Award Winners from the Sacramento Autorama

1929 Ford Roadster owned by our friend Brent Rector of Roseville, CA. Winner of the NorCal Car Culture Coolest Car Award.

It was a sunny, warm Saturday when my son Ryan and I went to the 61st Sacramento Autorama. It is hard to believe only two weeks earlier it was foggy and freezing at the Turlock Swap Meet. It had been five years since we last went to the Autorama but it appeared well attended. There were cars everywhere, every building at Cal Expo was completely filled with cars and displays. Every time we wanted to take a picture we would have to wait for people to clear out of the way. The Saturday drive in event, where they allowed people to drive their own cars in and display them outside the buildings was great. A lot of the cars outside were just as nice as the ones inside. It seems that even in this bad economy and with admission prices of $18.00, people still love cars!

Paul LeMat who played John Milner in the movie American Graffiti signing autographs.

We had a good time looking at all the cars and collecting flyers of upcoming shows and swap meets. Ryan got to sample new and strange kinds of beef jerky. We saw the 32 Deuce Coupe from the movie American Graffiti as well as Paul LeMat who played John Milner. He looks a little older than I remember but then again I probably do too.
I was hoping to have the 2011 award winners but they haven’t released the results online yet. So, we thought we would pick a few of our winners. My son Ryan loves Shelby Cobras and Mini Coopers so it is no surprise that this car wins the “Ryan’s Favorite Car Award”. The following are a few of our favorites.

This is an accurate reproduction of the famous 1965 FIA Cobra which raced with great success in European Championships. Winner of the Ryan's Favorite Car Award.
1960 Front Engine Dragster owned by Frank Bartlett. Winner of the NorCal Car Culture's Favorite Race Car Award.
1972 AMC Gremlin is owned by James Eger of Antelope, CA. Winner of NorCal Car Culture's Most Unique Hot Rod Award.
1951 Chevy Pickup owned by Anthony Orta of Sacramento. Winner of NorCal Car Culture's Best Truck Award.
1948 Indian Chief with a sidecar owned by Matt Blake. Winner of NorCal Car Culture's Best Motorcycle Award.
1940 Mercury Coupe owned by Paul Hoffman. Winner of NorCal Car Culture's Coolest Custom Award.

Sadly, the 2011 NorCal Car Culture award winners will not receive large cash prizes, or even small cash prizes or even a plaque but we do appreciate all the hard work, the time and the money, that goes into building these beautiful cars, trucks and motorcycles. To see the actual 2011 Sacramento Autorama award winners you can check out their website:
Also, you can see the rest of the photos that we took in our 2011 Sacramento Autorama Photo Gallery.
Let us know which ones were your favorites.

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