209 Tour Cruise-In

Be respectful and pick up all your garbage. Also we don’t need anyone revving their engine or doing burnouts you don’t look cool or sound cool. We are all car people and know what power sounds like. This is a family friendly event and we will make sure it stays that way. Let’s all patronize the local businesses and help them get out of the rut they are in. Make this a great cruise in. Thank you all!

Lowriders and Lattes

It’s that time again for the next Lowriders and Lattes. February 21st 9am-1pm @elsol_modesto. Coffee provided again by @giacomoscoffee. @impalamino will be snapping flicks of the rides and @djyard209 will be on the turn table playing all the cool jams. @thegoldenrosetattoo will have stickers, swag and prints. If you are wanting to vend please contact me. Thanks and hope to see ya there!

Lowriders & Lattes

Presents Lowrider & lattes.
At his shop @thegoldenrosetattoo
Sunday 01/17/21 9am to 1pm, there will be a coffee truck on site courtesy of @giacomoscoffee & @impalamino will be on the scene.
And Hope to see you there.
Lowriders & Lattes