Redwood Rally

The 2023 Redwood Rally is Tuesday to Saturday at the Redding Motorsports Park to Samoa, Coos Bay, Medford and back to Redding.

Redwood Rally is a Drag-N-Drive event that includes driving an almost 700 mile loop, and drag racing at four West Coast dragstrips over five days. Though the concept of this event is nothing new (ie. Drag Week, Sick Week, RMRW) Heather & Jesse knew it was time to bring it to the West Coast, and started putting in the work to make it happen. During this five day event, September 26th-30th 2023, Participants will race at Redding Dragstrip, Samoa Dragstrip, Coos Bay Speedway, and Medford Dragstrip. Competition vehicles must be driven on public roads between each dragstrip, making this an interesting display of power-vs-reliability.


Drivers & Copilots will all follow the same route, stopping at predetermined “Pit Stop” sponsor locations. They must take a photo of their vehicle in front of each pit stop location in order to continue to compete in the Rally. We are really focused on promoting small businesses during this event, so we encourage participants to share and tag businesses in these photos on social media, and maybe even make a purchase at the locations. This helps all involved and helps to ensure future events are excitedly welcomed.