Cruise to the Redwoods

The Mountain Folk Festival – Cruise to the Redwoods is Saturday at 10am at the Chandelier Tree, 67402 Drive Thru Tree Road.

This year’s Drive thru tree cruise/ Run is doubling down and enjoying the Mountain Folk Festival festivities in Leggett for its reunion and 150th town anniversary!!!! Which means, an entirely different adventure and show venue!! This one will be (at the end of the cruise) at the Leggett Valley volunteer fire department in Leggett. After the fun of that, we’ll go thru the Drive Thru Tree park (2 blocks away) for its 100TH YEAR!!! From there you’re free to head your separate ways. I’m not doing a full weekend plan of outings etc this time BUT I will be staying the full weekend and hope some of you will join me at Redwoods River Resort, or elsewhere