Chrome in the Canyons

The Chrome in the Canyons a Vintage Car Rally is Saturday at 8am at a gorgeous startpoint at one of Glen Ellen’s raddest wineries.

Breakfast Club Rally presents Chrome in the Canyons, an all-American vintage car rally through the backroads of Sonoma County on Saturday, April 22nd at 8am.

What to expect: a gorgeous starting location, one hundred amazing miles of asphalt snaking through some of the most majestic Northern Cali scenery around, an endpoint in one of wine country’s coolest towns, and of course, dozens of fine (and scruffy, we’re no snobs) examples of U.S. steel-on-wheels and the awesome people who pilot ‘em.

Before the rally, we’ll meet at 8am at an undisclosed start point in Sonoma County for a little pre-rally social hour. At 9am, we’ll take off in 3 groups (HARE, TORTOISE, and SNAIL groups) 5 minutes apart; we’ll be done around noon.

Tickets are $50 (CC & Apple Pay). What does your $50 get you? Only this: a parking sticker, an email with starting time, location, and route directions, and an amazing morning out on Northern California’s best backroads with a pack of like-minded drivers.