Kody Swanson from Kingsburg, CA Badly Injured in Crash

Kody Swanson, a 23 year old from Kingsburg, California was badly hurt in a USAC National Midget race in Huabstadt, Indiana on Saturday night. In lap 81 of the 100 lap main event, Kody’s car flipped and rolled several times. He was life-flighted to St. Mary’s Hospital in Evansville, Indiana for treatment. Kody who is currently in 7th place in the standings and his younger brother Tanner Swanson race in several USAC divisions. On May 12th in Indianapolis, Kody and Tanner finished 1-2 in the 2nd USAC Pavement Sprint Car race of the year. Kody is first in the points standings in that division and Tanner is 4th. Earlier this year, Kody was selected to compete in the Toyota Pro/Celebrity race that preceded the Grand Prix of Long Beach.

Kody Swanson from Kingsburg, CA at the Toyota Pro/Celebrity Event in Long Beach.
Kody Swanson from Kingsburg, CA at the Toyota Pro/Celebrity Event in Long Beach.

Here is an update on Kody’s condition from the team’s Facebook page by Jordan Swanson (his wife of three weeks): “Kody is alert between naps and has his cute n quirky personality shining through. Head Condition: he has a sml fracture by his left temple and also a chip in the bottom of his scull where it sits on the 1st vertebrae. Both will heal completely on their own with time and tlc. X-rays from his neck came back outstanding w no issues whatsoever. He can take the brace off if he wants, but currently feels more comfortable with it on. Neuro surgeon came by and said he’s glad that we don’t have to see him anymore because kody is doing great. Thanks for all the concerns and prayers, they are surely working!!! Keep them coming”

Here is a note that Tanner posted on Kody’s website describing what happened with a link to an interview Kody did from his hospital bed.

“As many of you have already heard, this past weekend TK Motorsports has seemed to have had a little bump in the road. Kody Swanson was seriously injured Saturday night while driving his #11 Wilke-PAK Motorsports/Toyota at the Tri-State Speedway in Haubstadt, IN. He took a violent series of flips on Lap 81 of the feature which resulted in Kody needing to be Life-Flighted to the local Saint Mary’s Hospital in Evansville, IN. After being in the ICU unit for a day and a half he was then moved upstairs to a normal room. Kody has a small chip out of the base of his skull as well as his collarbone. He also has 2 fractures on the right side of his pelvis, and one on his skull behind his left ear. All of these injuries will not need any surgery or braces, so time will be Kody’s best healing tool. He has been stable the whole time and his sense of humor has never dwindled. We expect for him to be released from the hospital in the next day or two as he is hoping to go watch his younger brother Tanner race at the Hoosier Hundred on Friday night.

In the pits before Saturday night's USAC Midget race in Haubstadt, IN.
In the pits before Saturday night's USAC Midget race in Haubstadt, IN.

For updates on Kody’s condition the Swanson Brothers-TK Motorsports Facebook page has been where most of them are currently posted, however I will do my best to let all of you know when Kody is released from the Hospital.

The FOX 7 news station in Indiana came to interview Kody on Sunday evening and that interview has been posted for your viewing at the following link.


Kody may look like he has been through a couple of rounds with Mike Tyson, but in the last day he has lost a lot of the swelling around his eyes and a lot of the bruising from his forehead. He is now up and walking around in his room, and is anxious to get home. Not only Kody but our whole family would like to thank everyone for their countless prayers and well wishes, they are appreciated and are greatly needed during this time of Kody’s recovery.”

Tanner Swanson

Kody and Tanner Swanson from Kingsburg, CA in 2009.
Kody and Tanner Swanson from Kingsburg, CA in 2009.

All of us at NorCal Car Culture would like to wish Kody a speedy recovery!

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