Not my 53 Chevy Pickup!

My 1953 Chevy Pickup
My 1953 Chevy Pickup

My first car was a 1953 Chevrolet pickup, which I will write about soon. I have always loved these old trucks but mine never looked like this one. Back in 1975, I don’t think I could have even imagined doing all this to an old truck. I don’t know what is more difficult to imagine, the amount of work it required or the price it brought at the auction? Look at this video of a completely custom 1953 Chevrolet Truck that recently sold at the Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction.

If you have never been to a Barrett-Jackson collector car auction or watched one on the Speed Channel, they are pretty amazing. There are almost always celebrities either buying or selling. The cars are gorgeous and the prices, even in this economy, are unbelievable.

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